Annual Bake Sale 2019

December 14th, 2019. Snow Date – December 21, 2019

Welcome to our Annual Bake Sale 2019. To order call: 717-274-6698

Annual Parish Bake Sale 2019
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Aimilianos of Simonopetra – A modern Elder of the Church

Source: PatristicNectarFilms

Interview with Fr. Maximos Constas.

Fr. Maximos Constas is Senior Research Scholar at Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology in Brookline, MA, an internationally acclaimed Patrologist, and a monk of the Monastery of Simonopetra on Mt. Athos. His lecture series entitled Confession and Spiritual Direction; Mary Greeted Elizabeth: Witnessing Christ in the World Today; The Life and Teaching of St. Maximos the Confessor; Concentrated Prayer; Prayer and the Heart in an Age of Technology and Distractions; Lord and Master of My Life: Reflections on the Prayer of St. Ephraim the Syrian; Counsels on the Holy Priesthood; The Pedagogy of Grace; Saints, Sanctity and the Life of St. Raphael of Brooklyn are available here at Patristic Nectar Publications. In this interview Fr. Maximos unpacks and reveals the godly legacy of one of the great elders of the contemporary age: Father Aimilianos of Simonopetra.

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21st Sunday after Pentecost

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Potato Filling Sale

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Harvest Dance

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The Holy and Great Martyr Dimitrios

Divine Liturgy shall be celebrated this Friday, November 8, 2019, from 9:30 am – Holy Great Martyr Dimitrios from Thessaloniki 

+++ The Holy and Great Martyr Dimitrios

The Great Martyr Demetrius the Myrrh-gusher of Thessalonica was the son of a Roman proconsul in Thessalonica. Three centuries had elapsed and Roman paganism, spiritually shattered and defeated by the multitude of martyrs and confessors of the Savior, intensified its persecutions. The parents of St Demetrius were secretly Christians, and he was baptized and raised in the Christian Faith in a secret church in his father’s home,

By the time Demetrius had reached maturity and his father had died, the emperor Galerius Maximian had ascended the throne (305). Maximian, confident in Demetrius’ education as well as his administrative and military abilities, appointed him to his father’s position as proconsul of the Thessalonica district. The main tasks of this young commander were to defend the city from barbarians and to eradicate Christianity. The emperor’s policy regarding Christians was expressed simply, “Put to death anyone who calls on the name of Christ.” The emperor did not suspect that by appointing Demetrius he had provided a way for him to lead many people to Christ.

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20th Sunday after Pentecost

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Celebrating the 800th Anniversary of the Autocephaly of the Serbian Orthodox Church in Boston, Massachusetts.

On November 1st and November 2nd, 2019, our Diocese of Eastern America. celebrated the 800th Anniversary of the Autocephaly of the Serbian Orthodox Church in St. Sava Cathedral in Boston, Massachusetts.

During the Vespers, His Grace, our Bishop and Father Irinej, blessed the Ilitons for the new Antiminsia which were consecrated before the Divine Liturgy and upon the first Hierarchical Divine Liturgy was celebrated the next morning. Inside the beautiful Holy Antiminsia, our Bishop Irinej put the holy relics of St Mardarije and Prebilovac Martyrs, so each Parish got their new consecrated Antimins upon which the Divine Liturgy can be celebrated with the blessing of our Bishop.

This was an important historical event for our Parish in Lebanon as well, since from now on, through the prayers of our Father and Bishop Irinej, and the blessed relics inside of our new Antimins, we can serve the Divine Liturgy and all the other sacraments having St. Mardarie and the Martyrs from Prebilovac as our intercessors in front of God. To find out more please see this link:

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Celebrating 800 Years of Autocephaly

Invitation from His Grace Bishop Irinej
to the Diocesan Celebration Commemorating 800 years of Autocephaly

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St. Apostle Luke and St Peter of Cetinje

Tomorrow, October 31, 2019, we shall serve the Divine Liturgy from 9:30 am.

The Holy Apostle and Evangelist Luke

The Holy Apostle and Evangelist Luke, was a native of Syrian Antioch, a companion of the holy Apostle Paul (Phil.1:24, 2 Tim. 4:10-11), and a physician enlightened in the Greek medical arts. Hearing about Christ, Luke arrived in Palestine and fervently accepted the preaching of salvation from the Lord Himself. As one of the Seventy Apostles, St Luke was sent by the Lord with the others to preach the Kingdom of Heaven during the Savior’s earthly life (Luke 10:1-3). After the Resurrection, the Lord Jesus Christ appeared to Sts Luke and Cleopas on the road to Emmaus.

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