Coloring the Easter eggs

During the service of the Orthros (Matins – the morning service), when we read the 12 Gospels of the Passion of Christ on Holy Thursday evening and enter the Holy Friday, some of our beloved Parishioners, where coloring the Easter eggs in our Kitchen. This is usually done in the morning hours of the day, before sunrise, but this was a great opportunity for many of our Parish to experience and learn this tradition of the coloring of the eggs in remembrance of the miracle with the eggs who become red witnessing to the whole world the most important historical even in the human history – the Resurrection of Christ!

About Holy Resurrection - Serbian Orthodox Church /

Welcome to our parish! Welcome to the Holy Resurrection of Christ Serbian Orthodox Parish of Lebanon, PA. A community of Orthodox Christians gathered together from diverse backgrounds, united in the Love of Jesus Christ into one faith, we assemble to worship God through daily prayer, weekly services and annual festal celebrations. This parish is dedicated to promoting the Good News of our Lord, God and Savior Jesus Christ in worship, education, stewardship and outreach. We welcome you to join in praising God with us!
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